About Me.

hi my name is bethany! i started blogging my freshman year of college to keep my family update on the happenings of my life. slowly it has evolved into a little bit more than that. 

i am one of 7 children

i am a lover of Jesus, sweet tea, donuts [they are my 2nd favorite food], outside, outside, outside, mountains, mountains, mountains, my hometown, alaska, quotes, blogs, people and their stories and did i say outside and mountains

do you love any of these things? if so, let's be friends.

i say things in sets of three. i am know for saying "whatever, whatever, whatever" quite often.  

i spend the majority of my year in indiana going to nursing school and my summers in my hometown in alaska. 

i try and avoid boats and planes at all costs but are required to ride a boat twice a day during the summer for work, due to the fact that i work on an island. and have to fly to my college. i obviously wasn't thinking.

i had an amish boy hair cut when i was younger. 

i won an ipad mini one time by taking a picture. then i sold it. little did i know they had my name engraved on the back. oops.

at one point in my life, gerber was sending me boxes full of baby supplies. i am twenty and have never had a child. 

well that is me in a nut shell
all the important things you need to know. 

 love, B