Thursday, June 12, 2014

#shereadstruth linkup

she reads truth is a a daily devotional for women. you can find their website here.

my freshman year resident assistant [ra] introduced me to the she reads truth community. i love it. you can even receive the daily devotion in your e-mail inbox.
so i read it....for a while.

then i stopped reading it for a REALLY long while. 

i recently re-joined the group of women who read this devotional daily with a friend of mine.
and it literally blows my socks off. every. day.

right now we are studying the book of titus [you can find the page for that here]. 

on day four we studied titus 2:1-5 with a focus on verses 3 and 4 which read,

"they are to teach what is good, and so train the young women."

now, i still consider myself a "young woman". i mean come on, i am only twenty. i, however, don't think that being a "young woman" excludes me from applying this passage. because while i may be a "young woman" there are women who are young[er] than me.

today, there are women all over the world blogging and discussing about how spiritual mothering [a term i am quite fond of] is being played out our communities and how Godly women have influenced our lives. You can find other posts similar to mine here

1.) how is spiritual mothering taking place in my personal community?
          a community is where you are. my community moves a lot [from alaska to indiana to ohio and back again]. everywhere i go i have examples of godly women--from my mom, to my grandmas, my mentor, and the ladies in the multiple "home" churches i have.
          not-so-young-but-still-beautiful ladies, i think it is important for you to recognize that to "teach what is good" you don't have to be directly in contact with someone. you can do this simply by living your life for Christ [i know i say "simply" like it is so easy. ha. what a joke.].
           so this is what it looks like for me. observing the Christian ladies in my life, going over to my mentor's house, and growing up in a strong Christian family [i feel that a #winning is appropriate here].

2.) how has a godly woman influenced me in my growth in the Gospel?
          yes. the end. just kidding! since going to college i have heard tons about all of these young ladies having a mentor. and i was like "what's that?' and "what does that look like?" so this past semester, i decided i wanted one. so i went to the store, found one i liked, and bought it [ha! if only it was that simple!]. you see, you're supposed to be honest with mentors and tell them what the haps are. sometimes this can be kind of difficult for me so i wanted someone nice. but that wasn't the only requirement. they also had to be a Christian [duh!], and be pretty, and have cute kids, and make really good sweet tea! i'm kidding. but this is what happened. i spent the semester praying for a mentor. then i flew home and went to my home church. there is this lady who attends my church, she is really nice, she is a Christian, she is pretty, she has cute kids, and makes the best sweet tea you have EVER and i mean EVER tasted [she is from south carolina...#winning].
          you would think i would just be able to ask and then we could get on with it. but it is kind of a big deal! so i waited a couple week [as in like 2?]. then i was talking with her about life while her kids were running around and i was supposed to be listening to a guest speaker [i apologize but this was a God planned appointment i am glad i didn't miss]. so we talked and then she left. and i didn't ask her to be my mentor. instead, i went home that night and texted her [because somehow that makes things easier] and she said she was thinking the same thing [#...just kidding i won't do it again].
          so we have been meeting every monday. we do a Bible study and chat. then she feeds me lunch and i spend hours playing with her kids. and. i. love. it.

3.) how would i like to see titus 2 shape my relationships moving forward?
          i have been reading Captivating by john and stasi eldridge. in the book they discuss this theory of learning by observing other women and asking, "what does this woman teach me about the heart of God?" and then i said, "wow." i think this quote, along with being willing to 1. speak into the lives of women younger [and maybe older] than me as well as 2. having women older [and possibly younger] speak into my life would be such a beautiful thing.

so that's it really. it may be a little difficult to step out and ask someone to mentor you OR to ask someone if you could be their mentor. but the blessings from both will be abounding.

what are your thoughts on spiritual mothers? is there a woman who has played a vital role in your relationship with the Father?

until next time,
- B